Coring machine make use of the principle of drilling in operating the artificial diamond head to remove concrete and steel reinforcement to form circular openings. The concrete cores can be extracted after coring readily for further treatment. The scope of operations of coring machines includes working on concrete walls, floors, main piles, ceiling openings, rock or decorative rock materials, asphalt and metal plates, etc. The operating sizes and angles can be adjusted according to the needs, with diameter ranges from 10mm to 1,200mm and working angles from -90 to +90 degrees.

Different coring types for reference:


- Normal core hole

  Diameter: 10mm ~ 400mm

- Large core hole

  Diameter: 425mm ~ 1200mm(1.2m)

- Deep core hole

  Maximum depth of 10m to 15m

Special requirement: Underwater coring, Ceiling sawing or Dry coring is welcome. Please contact us for further information.